Best Species of Hanging Succulents

As you probably already know, succulents come in a variety of shapes and sizes and may be planted in a wide array of containers - including things you may have never imagined as being a pot for a succulent plant. Succulent growers have planted their succulents in everything from pots, cups, jars, cans, mugs and corks, to sculptures, outdoor chairs, toys, wheelbarrows, and even old typewriters. Succulents are versatile and easy to maintain and can be placed nearly anywhere your mind can imagine. Even in the air. Yes, it’s true. There are a variety of succulent plants known as hanging succulents, that are suitable for a hanging planter - and they look stunning too. Are you on the hunt for some gorgeous hanging succulents, but aren’t sure where to start? Read on for some ideas for the best species for hanging succulents.

String of Pearls Plant

If you are looking for a hanging succulent with a rather unique look, the string of pearls plant may be just the one for you. The string of pearls succulent looks exactly as it sounds - like a string of green pearls. The “pearls” cascade over the sides of the hanging planter and may grow up to 3 feet in length. This makes them the perfect candidate for a hanging pot. Like other succulents, this plant is easy to care for and is drought tolerant.

Donkey’s Tail

Another fun hanging succulent that would absolutely serve as an excellent conversation piece is the donkey’s tail plant. As with the string of pearls plant, the donkey’s tail looks exactly as it sounds. The stems flow over and down the sides of a hanging planter and resemble a donkey’s tail - only light green. The donkey’s tail does well in a hanging planter for a few reasons: 1. The cascading stems. 2. This plant is fragile and does best when it isn’t disturbed. This succulent is another one that is easy to care for.

String of Nickels

The string of nickels is a creeping succulent plant with thick, green leaves. These leaves grow in strands over the side of a planter, therefore making the string of nickels an excellent hanging succulent. Some say that this plant looks like a string of hanging coins. As with the donkey’s tail and string of pearls plants, the string of nickels has a care level of easy and looks lovely wherever you place it.

Sweetheart Vine

Looking to show your love with a plant? The sweetheart vine is the perfect choice. Why, you ask? The sweetheart vine is known specifically for its heart-shaped leaves that can grow up to 3 feet in length. Also called the string of hearts or rosary vine, this beautiful hanging succulent is easy to grow in many different settings. The sweetheart vine is gorgeous, fun and full of heart.

Rat Tail Cactus

If you are hoping for a hanging succulent with flowers, that is possible as well. The rat tail cactus just might be the perfect choice for you. This plant has green stems with reddish spines. The stems can reach up to 6 feet in length. During the springtime, the rat tail cactus blooms bright pink flowers on the stems. Despite the fact that this plant is named after a rat’s tail, it is a beautiful hanging succulent, complete with pretty spring blooms.

Hanging succulents are gorgeous, long-lasting and unique. They are wonderful plants to own and often serve as great conversation pieces. And, now that you know some of the best species for hanging succulents, give one a try.

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