Colorful Succulents and How To Choose Species by Color

When many people think of plants, the first thing to come to mind is the color green. After all, a large number of plants have green leaves, green stems, green everything. However, when it comes to succulents, while green is the color of many of them, it is not the only color. Succulents, as you may already know, come in a variety of colors. Flowering or not, you can find succulent plants in an assortment of colors, including green, blue, red, purple, and yellow. These colorful succulents add a wonderful bright spot and in some cases, a much needed hint of color to any garden, landscape, or even a space in the home. If you are on the hunt for some colorful succulents, here are some worth checking out:

Species of Red Succulents

Red succulents are bright and beautiful and make a nice, bright addition to any location. The campfire plant is one example of a species of red succulent. Also known as the red pagoda, this plant is low maintenance and has bright, red leaves when fully matured. This is a small plant, ideal for small planters.

Another great choice when it comes to species of red succulents is the desert cabbage, also known as the flapjack or paddle plant, thanks to its round leaves. The leaves of this plant turn red on the tips during winter and yellow during summer. The same is true of the sticks on fire plant. Sticks on fire resembles sea coral and, like the desert cabbage plant, its red color is bright in the winter and it takes on a more yellow color during the summer. Other species of red succulents include dragon’s blood, rosy glow, red heart, red ice, and red devil.

Species of Blue Succulents

Just like red succulents, blue succulents are also a beautiful addition to any home or landscape. One example of a species of blue succulents is the blue spruce. This plant resembles the tree of the same name due to its shape. And while it has a stunning blue color, it produces lovely yellow flowers in early summer.

You may also want to take a look at the blue chalksticks plant if you are in search of a nice, blue-hued succulent. This species of blue succulents has a wonderful blue color and can even appear almost purple in direct sunlight. They bloom white flowers, which seem to perfectly accent the blue color of the rest of the plant. Other blue succulents include blue glow, blue flame and graptopetalum.

Species of Yellow Succulents

Brighten up any space with a cheery yellow succulent. This is the perfect choice to fill in spaces that need some lightening, or cheering up. One example of a yellow succulent is the sedum makinoi ‘ogon.’ This succulent has bright, lemon-colored foliage year round and has low-growing yellow flowers during the summer. This plant likes shade and is great in containers.

Species of Purple Succulents

If purple is your favorite color, you will be delighted to know that succulents come in purple as well. The purple heart plant, purple beauty, purple emperor, Perle von Nurnberg, and the Santa Rita prickly pear, are all excellent choices if purple is what you are searching for.

How to Choose Species by Color

If you are wondering how to choose a succulent species by color, the best thing to do is research the color of succulents you prefer. From there, you can choose the species by color. Pick the plant that best suits your needs and wants. Find the one that will thrive in the area you wish to plant it and in the weather conditions for the area in which you reside. Once you have a color in mind, there are likely multiple species for you to choose from within that hue. With succulents, there are many plants to choose from, but all are beautiful and certain to delight.

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