Growing Air Plants, Also Known As Tillandsia

When you say the word “plant,” what comes to mind? Green leaves, a pot or other container, and soil, right? After all, a plant needs soil to grow, doesn’t it? That’s where one genus of plant proves us all wrong. Tillandsia - most commonly known as air plant - is a genus of approximately 650 species that can grow without soil. They are known as air plants because they receive the majority of their nutrients through the air. And, while they are pretty mess-free to grow thanks to the lack of soil, they are also quite easy to care for.

Air plants are an excellent choice for anyone with an interest in growing plants, even those with a less than green thumb who may have a history of trouble with plants. Some call air plants “unkillable,” making them the perfect choice if you have any hesitancy in taking on a plant. These plants have become quite popular in recent years because they are so easy to care for and because they tend to do well, no matter what.

Air plants come in a variety of sizes and colors. Many grow with triangular-shaped leaves and some have flowers. But how do they grow without dirt? Air plants attach their roots to the ground, trees, rocks, shrubs and more, and they draw in their nutrients from the air. As long as they have water, air, and light, they will thrive. No messy soil situations required.

Another amazing aspect of air plants is that they can be grown in nearly any container you choose. The only requirement is that it can handle having some water on/in it. Many people grow air plants in open, glass terrariums or other pots. The key is to make sure the plant has plenty of air circulation. They should not be kept in an enclosed vessel where the air doesn’t circulate well. Truly, the only other requirement for air plants is water. The recommended method is to rinse them under running water or let them soak in water for 20-30 minutes, then set them out to dry for a few hours. Water them in between baths with a spray bottle. Air plants should be watered once each week and a longer soak is suggested every 2-3 weeks. Drier climates may require more watering. As for light, air plants prefer indirect sunlight, rather than direct.

Air plants make a wonderful addition to any home or outdoor landscape (as long as you have the proper climate for keeping an air plant outdoors constantly). They are easy to care for, beautiful to look at, and tend to do well no matter what your level of experience is with plant growing.

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