How to Make a Succulent Wall

If you have seen a succulent wall, you already know how stunning, and frankly, just how cool they really are. After all, there’s something just kind of amazing about seeing plants appear to be growing outward from a wall or frame, rather than their usual growth upward from the ground or inside a pot or container. Succulent walls are unique, beautiful and incredible pieces to have in your home, patio, landscape, or anywhere you see fit. They add both color and interest to spaces that otherwise seem plain or boring and serve as an excellent conversation piece.

A Professional Isn't a Requirement

Upon first glance, it may seem that making a gorgeous succulent wall is something best left to the pros. But in reality, it doesn’t take much to create and maintain a stunning, succulent wall of your very own. To begin, first consider your space. How big would you like your succulent wall to be and where will it go? The available space you have will determine the size of the frame you will need for your succulent wall. The next step is selecting your frame. You may purchase a pre-assembled one, or create your own. To create your own, you will need a picture frame, a wooden shadow box (this should fit the back of the picture frame to bring depth for soil and plants), hardware cloth or planting fabric, and of course, soil. Attach the frame to the shadow box, set the hardware cloth or planting fabric, attach a back and your frame is ready. Don’t forget this can be personalized with color or designs of your choice to spruce up the frame to fit your space. Once the frame is finished, add the soil. Be sure to fill it all the way to the bottom of the cloth grid. You are now ready to add your succulents. This is the part where you get to be even more creative. Select a variety of succulents that appeal to you. Find the plants with the shapes, textures and colors that you like best. And be sure to select plenty to fill your wall.

Once you have selected your succulents, trim the stems down to about 1-2 inches and allow them to sit for a few days. According to Better Homes & Gardens, this will allow the ends to form a thin layer of cells so that roots will sprout once they are in the frame. When the plants are ready, assemble them the way you would like in the frame and poke holes in the soil, in the spaces they will go. Add the plants, allowing them to rest on the grid, covering it as much as possible. Once the succulents are planted, leave the frame flat in a bright location for a few weeks (anywhere from 2-12 weeks). This allows your plants to take root. After the first 7-10 days, begin watering them as dryness approaches. Once the plants have firmly taken root, you are ready to hang your wall.

Water You Succulents Consistently

To maintain your beautiful, living wall, water it as soil approaches dryness - approximately every 7-10 days. Use your finger to test the soil to see if it is approaching dryness. Allow it to completely dry before hanging (or standing) it back up. It is also important to remember that succulent walls need a great deal of light - a minimum of six hours of sunlight. If your wall is indoors, it is best to keep it near a south-facing window. Just be sure your wall is receiving plenty of sunlight.

A living succulent masterpiece is the perfect addition to any home or garden. It will bring an instant uniqueness and life to an otherwise plain space. Decorate your home or garden with succulent walls, filled with succulents from Succulent Depot.