Making Succulent Wedding and Bridal Bouquets

Planning a wedding involves a great deal of picking and choosing, selecting and scheduling, deciding and preparing. As you probably know, there are a myriad of tasks involved, including finding the right dress, selecting the perfect location, choosing the friends and family members to be in the wedding, and of course, carefully deciding on the floral arrangements - particularly, the bride’s bouquet. After all, bridal bouquets have been a part of the wedding tradition for centuries. Though they were originally carried to mask the bride’s scent (times were tough in the 15th century, ladies), or to ward off evil spirits, according to Modern Bride, today the bouquet is the bride’s ultimate accessory, selected specifically with the colors and shapes that most perfectly express a bride’s style and personality. For many brides, the best way to express herself through her bouquet is with a succulent bridal bouquet.

Succulents are the perfect choice for bridal bouquets because they are gorgeous, hearty, stylish, and can be used in a number of different ways. They are versatile, long-lasting, and are suitable for weddings all year long. And, there is a wonderful variety to choose from when it comes to succulents. You can choose the colors, shapes, and styles that perfectly expresses your personality, and tie in with the wedding theme or tone. Succulents bouquets are truly stunning on their own. Because of the wide array of textures, shapes, colors and more, beautiful succulent bouquets can be assembled that are certain to delight. Another choice is to combine succulents with flowers to create the desired look. Succulents go with just about anything and the end result is absolutely gorgeous.

Making Your Succulent Bouquet Your Own

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of a succulent bridal bouquet (other than how amazing it looks) is the fact that you can make them on your own. This is definitely one of the more fun parts of the bridal bouquet selection process. The first step it to select the succulents that really speak to you. The ones that you like best, and that will help create the look you are going for. Once you have your succulents picked out, wash them (as needed to remove any dirt) and attach “stems.” You will want to be very careful with this part, especially with smaller succulents, because they may be fragile, depending on which ones you have chosen. The stems can be made with floral wire and floral tape. Stick the wire through the thick part of the stem, wrap it around the stem, and then tape over it, moving down as far past the stem as you need for the size of your bouquet, to create a new, “stem.” Now, start arranging. When creating a bouquet, it’s best to start in the center with the biggest succulents (or the ones you want as the focal points) and add in the other pieces from there, until you are happy with what you have. Wrap it in wire and tape when you have it the way you like, and you will have your succulent bridal bouquet. This same process may also be used for creating bridesmaids bouquets, and throw-away bouquets. Every single lady at the wedding will be lining up to catch this beauty.

Plant Your Succulents After Your Wedding

Another exciting aspect of succulent bridal and wedding bouquets is that they last for about three to four weeks and then, they are ready to be planted. How many other bouquets offer a beautiful lasting memento from your special day? Try a succulent wedding bouquet that you can plant and enjoy for years to come. Your bridesmaids and throw-away bouquet recipient will love this aspect as well.

If you decide to pair your succulents with flowers to create the perfect bouquet, you have a number of excellent possibilities. Succulents pair well with just about any flower you can imagine. Keep in mind that succulents are a longer-lasting plant and if you’d like your bouquet to last for a bit after the wedding - both succulents and flowers - then be sure to choose some long-lasting flowers to go with the succulents, such as chrysanthemums or lavender.

Succulent wedding and bridal bouquets are the perfect addition to any wedding and they are great fun to make. Check out the selection of succulents we have at Succulent Depot and find the succulents that help you express your style and personality through your wedding bouquet.

You can also use succulents as wedding centerpieces.

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