Succulents as Wedding and Baby Shower Favors

For many brides and moms-to-be, finding the perfect wedding or baby shower favor is an important task. After all, the bride and/or mom-to-be typically wants a cute, sweet, or unique way to commemorate this special day in their life. For wedding and baby showers, favors often include candy, candles, glasses, trinkets, and more. But a more popular option among brides and moms-to-be are succulent favors. Beautiful and hearty, unique and creative, these favors are perfect for any wedding or baby shower and provide each guest with a special keepsake commemorating the day.


One of the reasons succulents make excellent wedding and baby shower favors is because of their versatility. There are so many different types of succulents. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and the possibilities with them are endless. Whatever your theme may be, or whatever the occasion, there is a way to incorporate succulents into the event as a favor.


Succulents as Baby Shower Favors

In addition to the beauty and appeal that succulents provide, they also allow for creativity when it comes to preparing baby shower favors. And, they can be added in to almost anything you are creating, or can serve as the star by themselves. A cute and simple way to use succulents as a baby shower favor is to give each guest a single succulent in a small container. Whether it be a pot, basket, jar, teacup, or glass, the options really are endless. And once you have the container and the succulents selected, there’s even more room for creativity. Dress the container up with ribbon, tags or wraps. Add a message for even more personalization. Some ideas for tags include, “Watch me grow,” “Thank you for showering ___ with love,” or “Grown with love.” Add the baby’s due date, the name of the mom-to-be, or anything else that you like, to personalize it to your event. Guests will love to take these living favors home. After all, they require little maintenance and are beautiful to look at.

Succulents as Wedding Shower Favors

As with succulents as baby shower favors, succulents as wedding shower favors are just as appealing. And, like the baby shower favors, there is a vast amount of room for creativity when planning succulent wedding shower favors. Succulents may be selected in colors and styles that fit the brides theme and/or personality. Containers of nearly any size, shape, style, and color may be selected for the succulent(s), again to fit closely with the theme, or whatever the bride’s heart desires. Mini potted succulents are a cute idea because you really can’t go wrong with these. As with the baby shower favors, select the succulent and container of your choice and add any personalization that you like. Tags or notes with the wedding date or bride’s name may be added, or include a cute message such as, “Love blooms where you plant it,” “Let love grow,” or “Thank you for showering ___ with love.” There truly is no wrong way to do the mini potted succulents.


Another fun idea that works well for both wedding and baby showers is tiny succulents in corks. These work particularly well as refrigerator magnets and are easy to create. Collect the corks you need from wine bottles, core out the center of them with a steak knife, add a magnet to each one with a hot glue gun, add soil, then a plant to each one, sprinkle with water, and personalize as you please. It’s as easy as that! Your guests will have these adorable little potted succulents to decorate their refrigerator with and to remember your event. And the best part - they are fun to create.

Whether you are planning favors for a wedding shower or a baby shower, consider using succulents to make memorable and beautiful gifts. Browse the amazing selection we offer at Succulent Depot to find the plants that are just right for you and your event.

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