What Type of Succulents Are Flowering?

One of the most amazing things about succulents is the wide variety. Succulents come in all different shapes, sizes, textures, colors, and more. And if that doesn’t give you plenty to choose from already, there are a number of different flowering succulents. Although flowers may not be the first thing you would think of when it comes to succulents, flowering succulent plants are beautiful, they tend to be low maintenance, and have a long lifespan. Really, the only question that may remain when it comes to flowering succulents is, what type of succulents are flowering? Here are some examples:

Aloe Vera

Perhaps one of the most well known of the succulent plants is the aloe vera plant. But did you know that it blooms? Many people grow this plant indoors and it typically doesn’t grow large enough to fully bloom. However, when aloe vera does grow large enough, it blooms beautiful yellow spikes, typically during the spring or summer. If you have warm enough winters, add some aloe vera to your landscape and watch for those yellow flowers that it will produce.


Another popular succulent is the cactus. You’ve likely seen one of these with a bloom, even if it was just a photograph of one, or a fake plastic cactus with a bloom on top. Two types of cactus that are known for beautiful flowers are the hedgehog cactus and the prickly pear cactus. The hedgehog cactus can produce flowers that grow up to 6 inches wide, but each bloom may only last for a few days. The prickly pear cactus, which can survive in a variety of climates, produces pink, orange and yellow flowers on the tips of its pads. It typically blooms in late spring to early summer. Both types are beautiful examples of flowering succulents.

Christmas Cactus

While the prickly pear cactus and the hedgehog cactus are both stunning flowering succulents, another, perhaps more popular cactus (particularly during the wintertime), is the Christmas cactus. As you may already know, this succulent tends to bloom around Christmas. Unlike the other types of cactus, this one doesn’t isn’t prickly and produces gorgeous, brightly colored flowers, usually just in time for the holiday celebration. It is fairly low maintenance and can be successfully grown indoors if cared for properly. This is a nice plant to have around with or without the blooms.


Looking for a flowering succulent that is perfect even for the least green of thumbs? Try an echeveria. These plants are pretty enough without the flowers, but when they bloom, they are truly stunning. The plant itself looks like a flower and may be grown indoors or outdoors (if the climate is warm enough). The echeveria sends up a tall, pink bloom in late spring or early summer and will form new rosettes and spread as it grows, if it is allowed to. The echeveria is certain to brighten up any space it is placed in.

Crown of Thorns

You may not know it by looking at it, but the crown of thorns plant is a succulent, and a flowering one at that. It is actually one of the few succulent plants that has leaves, which is why many may not realize that it is indeed a succulent. What is even more unique about this flowering succulent is that it can bloom year round, if it receives enough light. This plant is fairly easy to care for and produces small, red, pink, or white flowers. Do keep in mind however, that the crown of thorns plant is poisonous if eaten and the sap may cause skin irritation, so wear gloves when working with this beauty.

Succulents are beautiful whether they are flowering or non-flowering. You are certain to enjoy any succulent plant you decide on. Be sure to check out our selection at Succulent Depot and find the succulent that best suits you.