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Succulents are easily one of the greatest house plants available.  They are versatile, being used in boutonnieres and bouquets by brides and grooms, and resilient, only needing to be watered about once a week.  With low maintenance requirements they make a great house warming gift, baby shower favors, party favor, wedding favor, or even wedding centerpiece.  Your friends and family can bring them into their own, and feel your love all year long.

Our plants are shipped in simple pots to help keep the roots safe during travel, and will require a replant once they reach your home.  You can plant several in the same container, as long as the container is large enough, or even make a whole succulent wall to really bring life into a room.  The limit is your creativity, and these plants allow you to be incredibly creative.

Now, ordering succulents online may be a little concerning.  How often do you order plants online?  Well, we know the concern, and offer plant replacement if your succulent arrives damaged.  We do our best to ship the plants as effectively as possible, and being from a Northern state means we know full well what the harshness of winter can do to plants.  So, we have practiced and found a great solution to get our plants safely to you.

If you are looking for succulents for a large event, such as a wedding, then we encourage you to contact us to bulk order.  We offer orders into the hundreds depending on your need and time frame.